A Revolutionary Platform that Offers an

All-Encompassing Online-to-Offline Immersive Adult Experiences.

Throughout its history, the adult entertainment industry has directed the growth of technological advances.


Today, further development in the adult entertainment market will be determined by a combination of two leading technologies: VR and Blockchain Tokens.

ImmerseX shall be a platform consist of three business operations:


  1. Immersive Online Adult Content

  2. Immersive Adult Content Creation

  3. Immersive Offline Dating Experience


A token economy – the IMEX token shall be implemented at the ImmerseX platform. Members of the ImmerseX platform shall be categorized into different member tiers based on the member’s token count. With the IMEX tokens, members shall be able to enjoy various viewing priviledges with the immersive online adult content, also rights to customize and participate on original immersive adult content production, as well as additonal features in the offline dating companion app.


ImmerseX, the Ultimate Online-to-Offline Immersive Adult Entertainment Platform.






There are over hundred thousands of adult websites worldwide, through which customers can view porn and like a lot of internet business models today, adult content is ad-supported, but also easily copied or pirated and easily shared online. Whereas you would expect that the content producers, who aren’t making money from a pay-per-view model, would be making a lot of money from the advertising that is shown around the content they produce, the opposite is true.


Todays content producers make little off their content and sometimes in the case when their content is pirated, they make nothing. The return on investment that advertisers can achieve is questionable too. Viewers either skip through ads or use ad blocking software. In addition, porn actresses also suffer from a rather unique problem – not being able to spend their money on business-related services. Due to antiquated morality clauses, porn falls under an umbrella of activities that, in legalese, business such as banks can refuse to do business with them, meaning they become cash operations or are forced to use premium banking services with hefty fees.


For all these reasons, something needs to change. Immerse-X shall be the next evolution to the Adult Entertainment market. 



ImmerseX shall create a token economy and ecosystem to help foster and create original immersive adult content for loyal fans and viewers. Using blockchain technology, we can establish a new model that ensures content producers get rewarded for creating content, while viewers get rewarded for consuming them, all taking place in a safe and anonymous environment.



ImmerseX shall be the first online platform in Asia to offer both online and offline immersive adult entertainment and experience and it desires to create an ecosystem where consumers do not only passively consume adult content hosted on the Platform, but also become active creators by crowdfunding original and customized immersive adult content and dating experiences with IMEX Token, either for their own or others’ enjoyment.



ImmerseX will work closely with a number of prominent industry players as key players in realising its goals. ImmerseX has already formed partnerships with established Japanese Adult Industry players such as Max-A, Diaz Group, and Mine’S. Also working with Alice Japan and Go VR Immersive as content and technical partners in the development of the IMX Platform.




[200,000,000] IMEX Token will be minted and made available for sale in blocks of 1,000 IMEX Token at a base price of US$100 per 1,000 IMEX Token, via a Private Pre-sale and thereafter, a Public Sale.

IMEX Token will be available for trading on leading crypto exchanges on August 15, 2018 00:00 (UTC +8). Please stay tuned.




IMX will introduce a tiered membership to engage members of the IMX Platform, which shall be based on members’ IMEX Token count on any given period. Member privileges are tied-in to the members’ IMEX Token count - once the count reaches the designated levels, tier privileges and features will be unlocked. To ensure continued access to features and privileges associated with that particular tier, members are required to maintain the requisite number of IMEX Token at all times.



IMX works with the best and most established content, production and distribution partners in both the Adult Entertainment and VR industries on producing and delivering the best online-to-offline Immersive Adult Entertainment Experience.





On top of working with the best and most established industry partners, IMX also works with a number of leading industry experts and veterans who serves as technical advisors and consultants to the IMX platform.



IMX also receives the endorsements of some of the most popular or up-and-coming performers from the Adult Entertainment industry.




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